Remembering the Night I Met Sheryl Crow and Beck

And what you should never, ever say to a rockstar.

Photo by ActionVance on Unsplash

The pandemic decimated business-as-usual and collapsed live music.

Keep the faith, stream the shows.

The phone rang.

She drove us past the long line of cars waiting to park at the Hollywood Bowl.

The amphitheater was built in 1929 after humble beginnings as an outdoor community theater.

I was giddy.

The concert was in 2005. Some of the details are hazy.

She commanded the stage with playful confidence and exuded an energy of mischief.

Sheryl’s band was the bomb.

After the show, the place was emptying out.

Against the blank back wall stood a man with a youthful face, exactly one inch taller than me.

Judy looked at me with mild disbelief.

The Rock Goddess saw Queen Judy approaching and beamed a warm, electric, red-carpet smile at her.

I was holding my breath, trying not to cry.

I blushed.

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